ID Requirements

Primary ID

Must be issued by a government agency; and

Must include the holder’s name, date of birth and picture.

Examples of primary ID include:

  • Province or State driver’s licence
  • Passport
  • Photo BC Services Card
  • Citizenship card
  • Certificate of Indian Status
  • Federal Firearms Possession and Acquisition licence

Note that the B.C. Driver’s Licence and Services Card, which combines the B.C. Driver’s Licence and Services cards (formerly CareCard), counts as only one piece of ID.

Secondary ID (Used to verify the authenticity of the Primary ID):

  • Must include the holder’s name; and
  • Must include either the holder’s signature OR picture. Any acceptable piece of primary ID can be used as secondary ID. Examples of other acceptable secondary ID include:
  • BC CareCard/BC Services Card (separate to a BC Driver’s licence)
  • Interim driver’s licence (issued by ICBC) • BC Transit ProPASS
  • University or college student card
  • Credit card
  • Canadian Blood Services donor card
  • Transport Canada’s Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card
  • Many bank cards and rewards cards
  • National Defence ID